Beaker Browser

A peer-to-peer browser for Web hackers.

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Huge congrats to the Beaker guys @pfrazee @mafintosh who've worked on this deep technical challenge for years. PEER TO PEER HYPERTEXT That means no ads, no posting on a giant tech company's site, no censorship. Everyone is master of their own domain. This is brilliant! @BeakerBrowser is pushing the limit of what a web browser can be. What if you could pull up a Terminal on any website and look at how it is built? Beaker is one of the most interesting web products around, and definitely my favorite decentralized web product! Let me say a bit about why I'm endorsing @BeakerBrowser as the "future publishing platform of choice." It's not a blockchain protocol, it's just a way of serving your stuff off your laptop - or that of your friends. But it works with existing web-developer skills: will grow fast Open source software and github made it really easy to learn, remix and create web projects. What if you could fork a site/app and edit it? @BeakerBrowser is creating this for the decentralized web. I love the concepts around beaker, hoping to see some adoption! My first impressions of new Beaker are delightful: - Finally a browser that has contacts! - New hyperdrive APIs addresses all the shortcomings of older DatArchive API - Tells you about your network connectivity anyone free to help me figure out how to implement a social network on @BeakerBrowser? I have a good chunk of it written with a traditional centralized serverless model but this is obviously the future and I want to migrate it right now. Spent some time yesterday playing around with @BeakerBrowser and couldn't help but notice a vague sense of giddiness similar to when I first built websites on geocities. This is super cool stuff, sort of like the web but built on a file system, and really easy to publish, edit and re-use. All without needing to set up and manage pesky servers. If you see this post, I *implore you* to download and try out the new Beaker Browser. The whole experience feels revolutionary. this p2p browser is the closest ive felt to when i first got onto the InterNet/geocities/webrings feeling satisfied with my new @BeakerBrowser experience. It's so easy to build out your profile drive! Best thing to happen to the web in a long while! 🎉

Deploy instantly

Create a new Hyperdrive site with one click.

Co-host sites

Reduce costs and help keep sites online using peer-to-peer hosting.

Build p2p apps

New Web APIs make building peer-to-peer apps easier than ever.

Explore files

Hyperdrive is a fully-featured filesystem which you can explore.

Run commands

Browse the Web and get work done with the integrated terminal.

Edit source

The integrated editor lets you work side-by-side with your page.

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How it works

Beaker uses a peer-to-peer filesystem on the Hypercore Protocol. Users connect directly to your computer to access your files.

var drive = await beaker.hyperdrive.createDrive()
await drive.readdir('/')
await drive.writeFile('/', '# Hi!')
await drive.stat('/')
await drive.readFile('/', 'utf8')
await drive.unlink('/')

Read & write files

beaker.hyperdrive API

async function readSocialFeed (sites) {
  return beaker.hyperdrive.query({
    path: '/microblog/*',
    drive: => site.url),
    sort: 'ctime'

Query the filesystem

beaker.hyperdrive API

var topic = beaker.peersockets.join('chat')

topic.addEventListener('message', e => {
  var message = new TextDecoder().decode(e.message)
  console.log(e.peerId, 'says', message)

function sendToPeer (peerId, message) {
  message = new TextEncoder('utf-8').encode(message)
  topic.send(peerId, message)

Send & receive messages

beaker.peersockets API

A new social Web

Customize your profile site.

Add your friends' profile sites to your address book.

Build applications using your personal network.

Built for building

The Web should be a creative tool for everyone

Beaker brings peer-to-peer publishing to the Web, turning the browser into a supercharged tool for building websites, files, apps, and more.

Install Beaker Explore the docs