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A browser for the
next-generation Web

Beaker is an experimental browser for exploring and building the peer-to-peer Web.

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🙌 Props to @pfrazee ✨ and @taravancil ✨ who are building the future of the Web! 🕸 Go download @BeakerBrowser and see for yourself ⚡️ 👀⚡️ The new @BeakerBrowser dev experience is good. Really good. wow it is SO fun to get stuff up SO FAST on the p2p web using @BeakerBrowser Creating my first WebApp in @BeakerBrowser and it's so much fun! Finally feel like I am starting to understand javascript... if you like p2p tech, check out @BeakerBrowser. so far the smoothest onboarding to a p2p network via the browser. well done 👏🏼 @BeakerBrowser is so cool, kudos to all who worked on the @dat_project! Btw, I think is such a good initiative; a P2P browser with super simple website hosting feature @BeakerBrowser Just made some slides about how @BeakerBrowser is the frontend developer's dream browser … Enjoy! I'm playing around with their decentralized take on Twitter called "Fritter" in their slick dedicated browser called Beaker. Good UX too, which is so rare in this space. Really excited for how easy it is to distribute these small applications on @BeakerBrowser, without any server infrastructure... yessss Beaker Browser is great! I've been trying out a dat+beaker combo for hosted slide decks :)) In a year I've gone from fumbling around with React/Redux for weeks to spinning up p2p webapps with choo in just a few days, and I'm extremely bout that Tired: Blockchain Wired: The Decentralized Web Inspired: @BeakerBrowser Have you seen the @BeakerBrowser ? Now that is simple... & beautiful :) Quite cool: dat:// This took me less than 5 minutes ... Amazing! Loving the rediscovered freedom. Thank you for your dedication on this! @BeakerBrowser became my default browser today... It already feels amazing, I love everything about the new UI/UX. You've done something amazing 🖤 the beaker team is unstoppable I love what @BeakerBrowser is doing with @dat_project...This is the classic p2p crew that are the spiritual successors to web1/web2 of early open source. Beaker looks better everyday, congratulations! (and thanks for the hard working pushing a friction-less p2p solution) So @BeakerBrowser is crazy cool and @charypar is tagliatelle in handsome human form. Check this out. 👀 Deploying a website with SimplyEdit on the decentralized web is getting easier by the day! Shoutout to @BeakerBrowser and @dat_project for their amazing work. @SimplyEditWeb I just discovered Beaker over the Easter. Awesome product and totally new & inspiring way to approach p2p web @BeakerBrowser is officially my main browser for everything now! ...If you haven't already checked out @BeakerBrowser... you're seriously missing out :) I'd like to thank @pfrazee and @taravancil for making the web fun 🎉 Created my first website for the peer-to-peer web today!...The whole experience was pretty freakin' awesome! congrats #dat While it's all a bit geeky today, it's quickly reminding me of the excitement I first experienced online (on the web) in early the 90's. @BeakerBrowser easily the most awesome thing I've seen all day! Feels faster than Chrome... Beaker is making the P2P decentralized web user-friendly. Pretty cool to watch.

Built for building

The Web should be a creative tool for everyone

Beaker brings peer-to-peer publishing to the Web, turning the browser into a supercharged tool for sharing websites, files, apps, and more.

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How Beaker works

Beaker adds support for a peer-to-peer protocol called Dat. It's the Web you know and love, but instead of HTTP, websites and files are transported with Dat.

Deploy a website from your computer — no server required! Visitors connect directly to each other, sharing your site's files and helping keep it online.

Files are transported with the peer-to-peer network instead of being locked away on a server, so you can explore all the files that make up a website or app.

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Our mission

We believe the Web is at its best when it empowers creation and encourages participation. We use peer-to-peer technologies to uphold that vision and build a better Web.

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