A peer-to-peer Web browser.

Create and fork websites directly from your computer. You control your data. No blockchain required.

Create peer-to-peer websites

Create and share websites for free, with no advertising and no third-party services, directly from your device.

Visitors to your site rehost your files automatically on the peer-to-peer network, so you don't have to pay hosting costs.

Fork websites and applications

Live creatively with open-source web applications. Any peer-to-peer website can be copied to your device to remix, remake, and reshare.

Share files secretly

Your recipient downloads your files directly from your computer. Only people who know the site’s URL can decrypt and download the files.


We believe in a better Web. Beaker is an experiment for demonstrating the features we believe the Web platform should adopt. Our goal is not to create a “new Web”, but to improve the Web we have. We don’t want to replace existing browsers; we want to change them.

Beaker’s Web APIs

Beaker provides a set of Web APIs for reading, writing, and watching Dat archives from within a site.

API documentation
var archive = await DatArchive.create({
  title: 'My Site',
  description: 'My peer-to-peer website'
await archive.writeFile('/hello.txt', 'hello')
await archive.commit()

// => dat://da2ce4..dc/

We believe in a better Web

Beaker is built on a vision...

  1. Anyone can be a server

    Beaker uses a peer-to-peer network to distribute the cost of bandwidth and disk space. This makes it affordable for anyone to publish and host applications.

  2. No lock-in

    Services should be fungible. With Beaker, your data is housed on your device, so you can freely switch between applications without creating an entirely new identity.

  3. Private

    In Beaker, peer-to-peer websites are private by default. Only people who know the URL can download your site's files, and all traffic is encrypted in transit.

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Create a peer-to-peer blog

Creating a peer-to-peer blog with Beaker is simple, especially if you already have a static site! Beaker manages your changes in a staging area, and files are hosted from your computer.

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Publish software securely

One of the Dat protocol's most powerful features is file integrity guarantees. It also maintains a verifiable log of updates, so distributing your software's versions is built-in to the protocol.

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Share files secretly

Files published with the Dat protocol are secret by default — only people who know the site’s URL can decrypt and download its files, and all traffic is encrypted while in transit.

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Dat Project

Dat is a grant-funded, open-source, decentralized data sharing tool for efficiently versioning and syncing changes to data. Learn More

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