Decentralize the Web.

Beaker is an experimental browser with builtin hosting and peer-to-peer Web protocols.

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Beaker uses peer-to-peer networks to make the cloud optional, while still browsing the traditional Web.


Create and publish a website directly from your browser. Start sharing immediately — hosting is instant and free.


Any site can be forked. With one click, you can duplicate an application and tailor it to be your own with Beaker's builtin tools.


Dat Project

Dat is a grant-funded, open-source, decentralized data sharing tool for efficiently versioning and syncing changes to data. Learn More

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What is the P2P Web?

The P2P Web is an experimental set of technologies, APIs, and philosophies, created by members of the Node.js and Web communities, to give users more control over the Web. It is a new way to surf, publish, and connect... Read more

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