0.6.1: Dat-DNS

0.6.1: Dat-DNS

Hey folks! Got a few fresh updates for you today. First, a few handy links:


You can now give Dat sites a DNS shortname. You can use the new dathttpd web server to host your sites from the cloud, and take advantage of this new feature (read the spec here).

Some sites to try out:


The dathttpd web server lets people visit your site over dat with a DNS shortname in Beaker, and over HTTPS in other browsers. Automatic TLS provision with LetsEncrypt, support for multiple Dat sites and for reverse proxying, and easy-to-setup analytics. Check it out!

Improved bkr command-line

There were too many improvements to list for bkr, so I’ll just show my favorite new command:

$ bkr clone dat:// ./paulfrazee

You’ll find bkr is now much more usable and intuitive.

New start page

We split out the builtin views (history, sites library, downloads, and etc) into individual pages, so that your new-tab interface would load faster. Then we put in a new new tab page.

New docs site

We took a couple minutes to bedazzle our docs site, so check it out. You can find a lot more information about Beaker as a whole, plus we’ve improved our guides for creating sites and hosting.

Fixes and smaller updates

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