0.7.0: New Dat Protocol

0.7.0: New Dat Protocol

I’m happy to announce that Beaker 0.7 is ready to download! You can read the full set of updates in the release notes. This was a big update with a lot of amazing protocol work by the Dat project.

New Dat protocol

Thanks to the Dat Project, a new version of the Dat protocol has been added to Beaker, with:

  • Huge performance gains,
  • file deletion now supported, and
  • versioned URLs.

This update was not backwards compatible, so you’ll need to recreate any old Dats in the new version of Beaker.

Upgraded publishing experience


Beaker now makes it extremely easy to create peer-to-peer sites with your preferred editors and build tools. Each site is given a staging folder where you can freely make changes, then publish when ready. Live-reloading is still built in.

Updated docs site

We completely overhauled the docs on, to include tutorials, information about the Dat protocol, better API docs, and more. Here are some of our favorite pages from the new docs:

Major changes:

  • Upgraded browser shell UIs, including more clear indicators for when a site is secure/insecure.
  • New dropdown menu with links to your history, bookmarks, library, and more.
  • Better beaker://library, with tools for managing your sites, a staging area to review your changes, and a view to monitor network traffic.
  • A new Dat protocol version, which has major performance improvements and a more featured protocol (versions, file deletion).
  • A new DatArchive Web API for reading and writing Dats from the web.
  • New publishing experience: you now put saved/created dats in folders on your OS, and have a git-like staging area for doing work and publishing.
  • Basic P2P analytics: track the number of peers, and see peer history for the past hour.
  • Native support for Markdown pages.

Minor changes

  • More Web Platform support (window.prompt, onbeforeunload, custom context menus)
  • Added a “View source” view for Dat websites
  • You can now set a background for your start page in beaker://settings
  • The error pages for TLS errors more clearly indicate what went wrong
  • Too many bugfixes to count!


  • Deprecated: bkr command line tool. With the improved builtin publishing experience, we felt it would be better to reduce the amount of software users need to install and learn.
  • Deprecated: IPFS support. We’ve decided to use Dat exclusively.

NOTE: This release changed the internal data model of Beaker. Unfortunately that means your old Dats and bookmarks will be lost.

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