0.7.1: Swarm debugger

0.7.1: Swarm debugger


  • Added a new intro video
  • Added the “Swarm debugger” for diagnosing failed P2P connectivity (#467)
  • Fix a corruption event in Dat which occurred on deletions (append-tree@da83f68)
  • Improved reliability of P2P swarming (beaker@894362b)
  • Fixed an issue where the library file-listing header would duplicate itself (beaker@329420c)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the browser UI to zoom (beaker@e2eee2f)
  • Fixed an exception that was caused by deleted files/folders in Dat Archives (beaker#463)

Swarm debugger

The swarm debugger is a tool for technical users to diagnose connectivity problems.

The debugger shows active peers on the left, and connectivity events on the right

Use it to detect whether a target recipient is connecting, and to watch for error events or failures.

How to open the debugger

You can open the Swarm debugger from the library page of an archive.

Select the Swarm debugger in the archive's library page menu
Or, click the link to the debugger when a Dat url times out

We’ll continue to add features to the debugger over time.

How to install

If you already have Beaker installed on OSX, you can use the auto-updater to get latest. However, due to a bug in Beaker 0.7, you will need to use the settings page.

Open the settings page from the browser menu to access the auto-updater UI

If you’re running Linux or if you’re new to Beaker, download the new version here.

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