0.7.2: Self-mutating websites and Dat picker

0.7.2: Self-mutating websites and Dat picker

Self-mutating websites 📝

Beaker now allows applications to modify their own files using the DatArchive API. This enables a model for simple, self-contained web apps such as wikis and todo lists. This decision is part of an ongoing security discussion. We’ll blog about this soon.

Dat Garbage Collector 🗑

This is something you probably thought Beaker already did. Surprise! We just got around to it.

As you browse Dat sites, you collect a cache of files which stay on your disk so that reloads are fast. The “Garbage Collector” clears out those cache files after 5 days of no access. The collector does not delete files of dats that the user has saved to their library.

Dat picker API 👆

Thanks to @taravancil we now have an API for selecting an archive from the user’s library, using a modal dialog. Think of this like the file-picker, for Dat archives. It includes the ability to create a new archive, if the user chooses.

Example usecase: a text editor would use this API to prompt the user for the Dat they want to edit.

var archive = await DatArchive.selectArchive({
  title: "Select an archive",
  buttonLabel: "Submit",
  filters: {isOwner: true}
The Dat picker lets users choose a Dat from their library

Fixes and smaller updates ✨

  • Fix the auto updater
  • UI improvements to the Library page
  • Fix: Don’t let the permissions prompt cause Dat API operations to timeout (#496)
  • Add support for HTTP sites in beaker://view-source (#493)
  • Add bulk delete to the library (#479)
  • Fix: Handle publishing large files without UI errors (#476)
  • Slugify folder names in the ~/Sites directory (#477)
  • Track the staging-area size less ignored files (#471)
  • Add support for HTTP Basic Auth (#475)

How to install

If you already have Beaker installed on OSX, you can use the auto-updater to get the latest version. However, due to a bug in Beaker 0.7, you will need to use the settings page.

Open the settings page from the browser menu to access the auto-updater UI

If you’re running Linux or if you’re new to Beaker, download the new version here.

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