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Beaker 1.0, Beta 2

Thanks everybody for the support and feedback with the 1.0 Beta release. We’ve been handling issue reports as quickly as we can, and this release is our first batch of improvements based on feedback.

You can download the latest here.


  • Beaker now provides a progress-bar during file imports #1612
  • The builtin editor now provides much better feedback about loading state #1589
  • You can now configure a default zoom-level on pages via the settings #1572
  • Web APIs are now much faster when passing “binary data” and will return a Uint8Array instead of an ArrayBuffer #1616
  • Added tab animations when a new tab is opened #1624
  • Improved the clarity of the perm prompt for reading the address book #1587
  • Added an explanation for the “new profile” creation during the setup flow #1586
  • Improved initial setup performance


  • The Linux .AppImage distribution should now work correctly #1568
  • Fixed an issue where clicking “host this drive” would fail silently #1575
  • Fixed an issue in the editor where performance would degrade over multiple saves #1636
  • Fixed entitlements on macOS to allow camera & mic access #1571
  • Fixed various shell-window UI failures #1605
  • Fixed a critical error in the dat -> hyperdrive converter on Windows #1611
  • Fixed the build tooling for npm run burnthemall on Windows #1592
  • Markdown rendering now respects the original spec’s rules around line-breaks #1610
  • Fixed scrolling issues in the settings’s log views #1588
  • Moved the files-explorer into Beaker (instead of improving performance and UX clarity #1580
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