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Beaker 1.0, Beta 3

Thanks everybody for the support and feedback with the 1.0 Beta release. We’ve been handling issue reports as quickly as we can, and this release is our second batch of improvements based on feedback.

You can download the latest here.


  • Fix to the dat:// converter on windows #1611
  • Improvements to the rendering of the peers menu #1670
  • Browsing session (previously open tabs) now correctly restore from tray #1666
  • Fix to the auto updater #1677
  • Fix to the editor’s file export #1676
  • User directory now correctly includes a “add to address book” button #1564
  • The mv command now correctly handles targets with spaces in their name #1651
  • The beforeunload event now workss correcty #1645
  • The Beaker icon on Mac OS dark menu bar now renders correctly #1629
  • “My Drives” and “Hosting” will no longer fail to load if a drive has no title #1644
  • Can no longer cause the editor to accidentally navigate by drag&drop #1647
  • “Pin to start page” in the bookmark dropdown is now clickable #1667
  • Fixed an error which was emitted when doing a “hard reload” #1646
  • WebTerm now has an “exit” command #1596
  • Address bar no longer incorrecty holds the focus when a URL is entered from address bar #1535
  • Command–L now correctly selects the text in the URL bar #1671
  • Hyperdrive asset-loading fixes #1569
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