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Beaker 1.0, Beta 4

This week has a couple of new exciting features plus some bugfixes! Let’s dive into the highlights. The full changelog is listed at the bottom.

Download Beaker 1.0, Beta 4

dat:// readonly browsing

When Beaker updated from the Dat protocol to the new Hypercore Protocol, we lost the ability to visit dat:// sites. We got a lot of feedback that this made upgrading to the new protocol difficult, so we implemented a readonly browsing mode for dat:// to make the process easier.

Folder sync

Another Beaker feature that was lost with the 1.0 beta was a simple way to auto-sync with a folder outside of Beaker. This release brings back that feature. Read more about it here.

‘json’ encoding

Reading and writing JSON is such a common pattern that we decided to make it easier. Now you can specify a 'json' encoding when you read or write a file to have the API accept or emit objects.

await myDrive.writeFile('/foo.json', {hello: 'world'}, 'json')
var obj = await myDrive.readFile('/foo.json', 'json')

New forkDrive params

“Forking” is a way to quickly duplicate a hyperdrive, and it comes in two modes: “attached” (where the new drive is linked to the original as a fork) or “detached” (where the new drive is an independent copy). We decided to update the API so that you can create detached forks. You can also specify a title and description, and skip the “create” modal.

await beaker.hyperdrive.forkDrive(url, {
  title: 'My copy',
  description: 'A copy of the original',
  detached: true,
  prompt: false
Download Beaker 1.0, Beta 4


  • New beaker.hyperdrive.forkDrive API parameters #1694
  • Add Folder-sync #1600
  • Add legacy dat:// browsing #1674
  • Add commands reload command to webterm #1708
  • Add “recently visited” to start page #1705
  • Add ‘json’ encoding to readFile/writeFile #1703
  • Better “site identity” information for Beaker’s builtin interfaces #1678


  • Fixed issue where file manager doesn’t import everything on drag and drop #1695
  • Closing a prompt modal now returns focus to window #1709
  • Fixed beaker/issues with dat to hyperdrive conversion #1698
  • Peers will no longer appear joining unshared drive #1598
  • Editor now shows “loading” status on folder clicks #1691
  • Settings “Network Stats” view now provides better loading and error feedback #1655
  • Fixed beaker/issues where the query() limit param was incorrectly applied #1702
  • Javascript in <script type="module"> now syntax-highlights correctly in the editor #1637
  • Modals now support the context menu #1561
Download Beaker 1.0, Beta 4
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