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Beaker Browser 1.1

A few API updates and bugfixes to follow up the 1.0 release.

What is Beaker?

Beaker is an experimental peer-to-peer Web browser which lets you share websites directly from your device. Read the 1.0 release post to learn more.

New features

  • Add See the API docs. (close #1864)
  • Add the ability to set tags in create/forkDrive when prompt=false (#1864)
  • Add the ability to create drives from the select/save file dialogs (close #1866)
  • Automatically update the drives listings in modal dialogs (close #1867)


  • Fix issue with screenshot captures (close #1872)
  • Destroy all tabs when a window is closed (fix #1871)
  • Dont unsnap windows from the edge on ctrl+tab (close #1868)
  • Maintain focus in the active pane when window blurs then refocuses (close #1869)
  • Fix the license-viewer mouse events (close #1862)
  • Fixes to the shutdown process
  • Remove old contacts UI in select-file modal
  • Fix reference error in webterm
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