About Beaker

We believe the Web is at its best when it empowers creation and encourages participation. That's why we're building a browser for a person-to-person Web.


Beaker is a project by Blue Link Labs, a team of developers who love the Web.

Paul Frazee

Creator of Beaker, long-time Node and Web programmer, and distributed systems enthusiast. Previously developer in the Secure Scuttlebutt community.

Tara Vancil

Peer-to-peer Web enthusiast. In charge of product, words, and websites. Formerly at Cloudfare and the Recurse Center.

Mathias Buus

Core developer of the Dat protocol and its underlying technology. Co-creator of and maintainer of over of 600 Node.js modules. Previously co-founder of, a peer-to-peer filesharing service.

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