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Beaker is an experimental peer-to-peer browser with support for the dat:// protocol.

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var mySite = await DatArchive.create({title: 'My site'});
mySite.url // dat://1277b9...
await mySite.writeFile('index.html', 'Hello, world!');

What's the p2p Web?

Learn more about how Beaker works, peer-to-peer websites, and building peer-to-peer applications with the Web you know and love.

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All about seeding

Seeding, hosting, pinning, say what? Learn about keeping files online in the p2p Web.

View (and edit!) Source

See how Beaker's View Source can help you learn from and remix projects you like.

Privacy and anonymity

dat:// is a powerful protocol for publishing and sharing, but it's not anonymous.


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