Dat.json site manifest

Sites and applications served over dat:// can include a manifest file to set metadata and configure the site/application/archive. The file should be located at /dat.json in the root of the site. Beaker automatically manages the manifest for archives created via the Dat Web API.

  "url": "dat://4483a2..66/",
  "title": "Application Title",
  "description": "A short description of the app",
  "fallback_page": "/public/404.html",
  "web_root": "/public"


The URL of the archive.


A short but descriptive human friendly title.


A one- or two-line description of the archive.


The path for the page to serve when a user hits a 404. (See this demo gif.)


The path of the folder which all requests should be served from. (See this demo gif.)