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When I visit a dat:// URL in Beaker, does Beaker download the entire website?

No. Beaker downloads files on-demand.

For example, if a website has a file at /images/cat.jpg, you won’t download that file until you navigate to /images/cat.jpg, the file is loaded in an <img> tag, or in another request, i.e., with the DatArchive APIs.

Do visitors to peer-to-peer websites seed its files?

Yes, temporarily. When you visit a dat:// URL in Beaker, you temporarily re-upload or seed whichever files you’ve downloaded from the website. This help the website’s author keeps the website online.

You can also explicitly choose to seed a website’s files for a longer period:

If you accidentally visit a website with content that you don’t want to seed, you can purge the files from your computer in Beaker’s network settings.

Is the Dat network anonymous?

No! Dat is not anonymous or private.

When you visit or seed a dat:// website, other visitors can see your IP address. You should not visit a dat:// website with the expectation that you can share or view its files with anonymity.

Are dat:// files encrypted?

Yes. Like in HTTPS, the connection is encrypted. Only people who know the URL for a given dat:// website can decrypt and view its files.

Who can access dat:// websites?

When you create a dat:// website with Beaker, no one will be able to see your website until you share the URL. Only people who know the site’s URL will be able to visit it.

Will my website stay online when I turn Beaker off?

It depends. When you close Beaker, you are no longer hosting your website’s files, but previous visitors may still be. To guarantee that your files stay online, there are a few options:

  • Ask your friends to help seed your website’s files
  • Share your website’s URL with a seeding service like Hashbase
  • Or if you’re feeling ambitious, run a your own seeding server using homebase

Is there an iOS or Android Beaker client?

Not yet!

Will peer-to-peer protocols like Dat ever be adopted by other browsers?

We hope so!

How is Beaker built?

Beaker is built with Electron, which is built on top of Chromium.