Howto: Fork a Site

“Forking” means to make a new copy of a site. It puts the copy into new URL, and gives you control over the files, so that you can make changes.

How to fork

Navigate to the site you want to fork, then click on the title in the navbar.

Hit “View Site Files.” You’ll be presented with a file-listing, and tools to host or fork the site.

If you want to work on the fork afterwards from the CLI, use bkr co.

Using the CLI

You can also fork with the bkr fork command.

~ bkr fork dat://fdad0febf3ca58a7d115c622218838b48c3f093b33fe2798010c94bb7847e880/ ~/my-new-fork

Forking dat://fdad0f..80, please be patient...

Checking out into /Users/bob/my-new-fork
2 files created
New url: dat://1322af7a09027ff2b80b250ae410e33873a788000066a9996365095838d02069