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Install Beaker

Staying updated

Beaker will automatically keep up-to-date on macOS and Windows, but not on Linux. Linux users can subscribe to the AppCast feed (includes version release notes) to stay updated.

Build Beaker from source

Building Beaker from source requires Node 6 or higher. If you’re on Linux (and in some cases macOS), you’ll also need libtool, m4, and automake:

sudo apt-get install libtool m4 make g++  # debian/ubuntu
sudo dnf install libtool m4 make gcc-c++  # fedora

Clone Beaker’s source from GitHub, install the dependencies, and run the build:

git clone
cd beaker
npm install
npm run rebuild #see
npm start

If you pull latest from the repo and get weird module errors, run:

npm run burnthemall

This invokes the mad king, who will torch your node_modules/, and do the full install/rebuild process. npm start should work afterwards.

If you are on Linux and npm run burnthemall still fails to get Beaker working, it’s possible the version of Node in your Linux distribution default software package repositories is out of date. The simplest fix is to download and install the latest stable release of Node from the official website.